The Long Term Care Insurance Specialists

Frequently asked questions

1- Have I planned for my long-term care expenses when the need arises?

Include a long term care insure policy to your wealth management strategy to protect your assets and saving during your retirement years.

2- Can I afford to purchase a plan that would look after these expenses in the future?

You have many options to choose from. You will have an individual plan tailored to fit your your personal budget. When writing for a couple, each person receives a 10% premium discount.

3- What can I do about the cost of this care increasing each year now and in the future?

To meet the increasing cost of care, a cost of living option of 3% or 5% is available to increase your monthly benefits.

4- How can I protect my assets & savings and not use these to pay for my long term care whether in my home or in a facility?

Long-term care insurance benefits help offset the need to drain your assets and savings whether you choose to have care in your home or in a facility.