The Long Term Care Insurance Specialists

Our mission

Health Cost Solutions is a Canadian Corporation founded by Mr. Gerry Barclay and Dr. Michel Lacerte to market individual long term care insurance policies in volume to members of Chambers, Corporations, Associations, Groups, Unions etc.

Health Cost Solutions, led by experts knowhow, provides the best private sector solutions for the biggest problem that Governments and the public will face over the next 30 years.  Writing exclusively LTC insurances, our team will propose you the best long term care insurance solution.

Introduced in the 90s to the Canadian market, the LTC insurance product is now offered by a number of insurance carriers but has not been marketed properly due to the reliance on individual sales by insurance brokers. As a result, the majority of insurance brokers are unfamiliar with the product and too few of Canadians hold a policy to protect themselves from LTC high cost risk.