The Long Term Care Insurance Specialists

Your Financial Planning

What is your financial planning?

  • Will you outlive your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)?
  • Are you looking for a financial planning retirement strategy that allows you to use your RRSP for other things besides a loss of independence?
  • Have you considered LTC insurance as a part of the solution? 

Longer Life, Larger Needs

We all know that we are living longer than ever but still; none of us can forecast our health changes through our retirement years. 

Larger Needs, Higher Financial Risks 

With our longer life, the risks of spending your life savings on medical care are more than ever real and dramatically rising. Indeed, over the past 10 years, inflation in Canada has increased an average of 2% annually, whereas health care inflation has averaged an increase of 4%. 

Long Term Care Insurance

Preserving quality of life, dignity and financial security

Many working Canadians mistakenly believe that government health care programs cover full-time care in a long-term care facility. This is simply not the case. This means that the increasing number of Canadian families will have to pay out of their own pocket. Furthermore, long-term care insurance is not only for the elderly as 37.5% of individuals needing long-term care are younger than age 65.

  • Avoid placing the physical and financial hardships associated with a loss of independence on your family and friends while preserving your assets and retirement savings.
  • LTCI gives you the option, without having to provide receipts even, for reimbursing a family member providing care. Benefits are tax-free and can be spent as you wish, as no receipts are required.  
  • LTCI provides the financial means to give you the level of care you need, the ability to preserve your dignity and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Long-term care costs are expected to continue to rise stronger than the inflation rate
    • Costs for home or facility care is associated with a significant degree of financial hardship for most Canadians
    • Most people would rather stay in their own home receiving benefits than having to move to a long-term care facility.
    • Home and facility care can ruin and otherwise well considered financial plan for households
    • Many long-term care insured bought their plan after witnessing a friend of a family member depleting their estate after experiencing devastating health and attendant care related costs