The Long Term Care Insurance Specialists

Your needs

In the event of a loss of independence, what means the most to you?

  • Freedom to select the level of care you can afford?
  • Remaining in the comfort of your own home without being a burden on others?
  • Preserving your assets and retirement savings? Even the equity in your home?
  • Maintaining your standard of living as much as possible?
  • Receiving the necessary, immediate and affordable services?
  • Protecting your family’s financial security?

Get the protection you really need

Monthly Benefits: Ranges from $1000 to $10,000

Benefit periods: 2 Years, 3 Years, 5 Years or Lifetime

Waiting periods: 90 or 180 days

Premium Waiver: Your premiums are waived while collecting monthly benefits


Cost of Living Increase: Automatically increasing your monthly benefit each year.

Return of Premium upon Death

  • More affordable at today’s age as premiums are set at your entry level age (standard policy)
  • As the policies are individually underwritten your health is a factor in qualifying for the policy
  • However, when your health may be an issue, there is available a simplified issued plan which simply requires answering a short health questionnaire

Health Cost Solutions will design you a custom
solution for your individual needs and budget.